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You want more than

"just another event"

You have big ideas for your event, and you are looking for people you can trust to make your ideas a reality. You want a show to remember, knowing everything will run smoothly from concept to planning to final execution.

SBMG Global, Masters of Impact

We work with you to bring your event to another level. SBMG Global is with you every step of the way: from creative brainstorming and needs-analysis in the pre-production phase, to the execution of the final design to bring maximum ROI and impact.

Video shoot set-up, equipment


Your big event requires more custom design, staging, lighting - you name it. We provide innovative solutions to make your vision come to life. We are bold and are not afraid to try new things.

Before we begin planning out your event, we meet together to understand your goals, plans, ideas, and even pain points. We brainstorm with you to figure out creative and innovative ways to deliver your message. We get to know you, your organization, and your event to deliver quality, personalized services, and solutions.

Audio, visual, lighting, recording, rigging, stage design, projection mapping – our Global team has experience in different areas to bring you a more wholistic and rounded production. 


After making the plan together, now comes the fun part: event execution. After brainstorming and weeks of planning, we finally get to see your ideas come to life – and we get to help.

Our mobile Global team meets you where you are and puts the final product in place. We stay with you through the event to give you the technical and design support you need for a successful show. We are right by your side executing the technical things so you can focus on delighting your attendees.


At the end of the event, we debrief – what went right? What could be improved? How do we want to change things or mix things up for the next event? We make sure you have the space to give us any feedback we need to make the next production even better. 

stage lights, stage design
AV tech, AV equipment, sound board, mix board


This is not a one-and-done process. We understand that your first event with us will be the testing ground. We want to take the necessary time to learn who you are, your company, your culture, and your people. We want to understand your needs, learn your past experiences and your pain points. We then can build on this relationship for years to come.


Future show development will be a breeze and this is where you really get the relationship benefit. We know you, we know your needs, and it just gets more fun and easier. 


We have clients who simply gives us the date and say, “Do what you always do, and make us look great!”  We want to be life-long partners. We have built life-long partners through diverse types of conferences, production shoots, award ceremonies, and more. We are proud of these relationships, and we want you to be our next partner.

If you are happy, we are happy too. 

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