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BTL show, event production, A/V, lighting, sound, stage design

What makes us different?

The Global Story

We promise this did not happen overnight.


Having the passion to deliver mind-blowing events with accuracy and precision with a caring and service-minded team mentality was a lengthy process, but worth every year of effort.

We started first by defining our culture and who our people needed to be from their personal skills, their bedside manners, and their passion for serving others. Next, we developed a process of collaboration, training, and team building to develop a group who can simply “jump right in" to lift and support you and your team through any event production needs.

We hone our craft in our custom Global LAB - a research, development, and training facility designed to build strength, confidence, and custom solutions which have been thoroughly tested, tried and true. We would love to share our innovative solutions with you. You get all of this with SBMG Global. 

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