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SBMG Global Logo, Citron, Horizontal.png
SBMG Black on Gray Pattern, Web.png

Our Logo & Variations

The logo is the graphic visualization of Scott Brown Media Group - from our employees to our events to the culture we try to cultivate everyday within the organization. The purpose of the logo is to help unify and identify us. By placing our logo on a piece of work or service we are essentially saying “we endorse this”. That is why it is important we take care of the messages we send to others, whether that is through our actions, words, or our representation. When possible, we will use the Global logo to clearly communicate who we are.

The SBMG logo is our identifier, our mark,
our reputation.

SBMG & Global Logo.png

SBMG Global Logo

The default logo for the global channel of Scott Brown Media Group includes the SBMG icon along with the name of the organization spelled out in bold and "Global" under the company in regular text.

This logo distinguishes Global from the Hotel channel and should be used as the default for any Global project, service, or item.

SBMG Global Icon

As seen with the logo, the icon makes up a significant part of our mark. We can separate out the logo icon to use with "Global" underneath as a placement for our logo.


Uses such as Polos, hats, t-shirts, patterns, web design, lanyards, socks - you get the picture.


The default color of the icon is black when used with a white or colored background. Should the background be black itself, the white coloring of the SBMG Global icon should be used instead.

SBMG & Global Variations.png
SBMG & Global Variations.png

Logo Variations

These are the accepted uses of the SBMG Global logo. No other variation or color combinations should be used.

Variations w/ Brand Colors

SBMG Global Logo, Green.png
SBMG Global Logo, Green.png
SBMG Global Logo, Mint.png
SBMG Global Logo, Mint.png
SBMG Global Logo, Purple.png
SBMG Global Logo, Purple.png

  Brand Colors  


C000 M000 Y000 K100

R000 G000 B000

HEX 000000

PANTONE 7527 C / U

C025 M000 Y100 K000

R204 G231 B011

HEX cce70b



C071 M073 Y000 K000

R114 G068 B255

HEX 7244ff

PANTONE 2366 C / U

C061 M000 Y066 K000

R004 G240 B146

HEX 04f092

PANTONE 3395 C / U

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